Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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Health Venture Lab is a global network helping teams disrupt healthcare. We nurture innovation projects, decreasing their risk factors during commercialization and strengthening the value they create. 

Who we are


HVL was born out of an opportunity with EIT Health to create a support system for innovative healthcare projects. The founding mission was to provide startups with a value-building access point for teams to collaborate and partner with industry and academic institutions. 


All of the trainers, speakers and mentors that participate in our programs are curated from a diverse range of healthcare players. Experts from partner Universities, GE Healthcare’s organisational department and its Research and Development teams, independent experts and business coaches are all included to provide teams with holistic advice.


At the end of the day, our growing international alumni and mentor community is our greatest strength. HVL has become the first step in the internationalization of many of our participating startups. The community provides teams with personal relationships in the Healthcare sector in multiple European countries.

Meet the team


Daniel Szemerey



Dani sharpened his entrepreneurial skills building MakerMap, a manufacturing startup in his domain of expertise: architecture. In addition to gaining first hand experience with product development, customer acquisition and fundraising, he also cultivated a deep appreciation for IP-heavy innovation while building his company.


As Founding Director of Health Venture Lab, he is dedicated to designing a partner network and program series that supports health innovation teams throughout their journey towards commercialization. 


Entrepreneurs that work in healthcare innovation have a lot of courage — it’s one of the most difficult paths to take. They’re also incredibly smart. Out of every innovation field, healthcare has one of the biggest potentials for direct impact, which is what drives me to create the most supportive partner network possible with HVL.

Love Akpan



Love brings extensive experience working with the region’s startup communities, holding marketing and community management roles in multiple early-stage FinTech startups. She has a strong track-record of building and maintaining online and in-person communities, including her ongoing involvement with Crypto Academy, a Blockchain-focused training community.


As HVL’s project manager, Love likes to say she is a ‘startup diplomat,’ the go-to intermediary between our broad network of stakeholders. She organizes all of the HVL events and infrastructure, recruits and briefs trainers and speakers and keeps participants informed on events. In addition to making sure the programs run like a well-oiled machine, she also makes sure there are ‘off the record’ events that help all of our participants bond and form relationships.


Participating startups are really enthusiastic about the program. They come to every sprint - often travelling from other countries - do their homework and progress considerably throughout the program. They set their own metrics and meet them. Their motivation is completely their own -- Reactor has been a zero equity program, so all of the work that they do is a product of their own dedication to growth.

Janos Vecsenyi



Janos has over 15 years of experience developing and running Change Management workshops within GE, developing an entrepreneurial incubator at Corvinus University and publishing multiple books on entrepreneurship.


At HVL, he is our Mentor Lead, ensuring that mentors make the most out of the program and maximize their sessions with startups. He achieves this by actively working with startups one-on-one and in Advisory Board meetings to better understand their needs, collect feedback and loop it back to our mentor base. In addition to his work with mentors, Janos applies his previous published work in HVL’s e-learning platform content.


For the time being, most of our participants don’t want to work for a large corporation. They want to learn more about agile product development, sales, marketing, technologies they can use, concerns and regulations. They’re interested in how to do things — especially product-related things. Or how to customize their product to international markets. That’s what they have to learn from our programs and mentors.

Reka Forgach



Reka has honed her communication skills over four years as an independent copy- and content writer for fledgling and high-growth startups. She has worked with hundreds of teams to fine-tune their value proposition and messaging, actively crafting websites, video scripts, blog content and email series.


In her current role with HVL, she crafts events and program communications and web content that amplifies the mission and vision of the team. Her working philosophy is based on ‘voice of customer’ data. Every word published by HVL is preceded by conversations and discussions with the team, participants and partners.


Both during and after the program, I get to communicate the exciting milestones and successes that the teams achieve. These are the truest testament to the quality of the program’s cohort and the teams’ dedication to building sustainable businesses. They truly come, ready to apply what they’ve learned right away and move to the next step equipped with a better understanding of the landscape and a better network to help them on their journey.