Train The Trainer Timeline

From customer awareness to go-to-market strategy

Ready, set, sprint


Unmined opportunities of European partnerships

  • Golden nuggets of European healthcare ecosystem
  • Startup talk: I wish we knew...
  • Customer alignment and the path to sales

Time: 3-6 pm CET

Platform: Zoom


How to optimize and drive a support system for startup success

  • Scenarios for when ecosystems fail startups
  • Pitfalls of technology transfer
  • Support system trends in the EU

Time: 3-6 pm CET

Platform: Zoom


Funding models for thriving ideas

  • Heading towards a VC fuelled economy
  • Is it worth your while? Breaking down government grants
  • Strategies to avoid startups hitting the wall & stepping up their game

Time: 3-6 pm CET

Platform: Zoom

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