Health Venture Lab Mentors

Our hand-picked mentors bring decades of entrepreneurial and healthcare industry knowledge to the table. From seasoned leaders at global healthcare corporations to serial entrepreneurs with successful startups under their belt, you’ll access a wealth of expertise.



William Benkő, Owner at Rózsakert Medical Center, Private Clinic

Business Coach

I'm thrilled, that companies, like GE have found the right partners to team up with to present an opportunity to young entrepreneurs who are intereted to make an impact at some point in their careers.


Istvan A. Molnar, Founder / Investment Adviser to Tech Startups


I am excited how many bright individuals and great startups respond to the call of GE to improve expert their healthcare knowledge and international traction.


Tamás Haidegger, CEO at HandInScan


Realizing are ideas is not easy. We need vision, resources, a lot of endurance  and a great pot of luck. Nevertheless, these programs can help tremendously to reduce the unknown factors and lead us to creation.


Jesús Purroy, Founder & CEO, Àvida Biotech


Focus on big projects, do things that are worth doing.


Your teachers and leaders during the program

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The Health Venture Lab program is dedicated to build a thriving community of international innovators.

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Health Venture Lab Alumni

Those who already made it

Our partners provide the resources and expertise that make our accelerator program unique. Our experience mentors help bring out the best in participating teams. Alumni support is crucial, so we strive to keep in close contact with all our graduated participants after the program ends.