Health Venture Lab Mentors

Our hand-picked mentors bring decades of entrepreneurial and healthcare industry knowledge to the table. From seasoned leaders at global healthcare corporations to serial entrepreneurs with successful startups under their belt, you’ll access a wealth of expertise.


Ivan Barta, Indirect Sales Manager DI, Eastern Europe

GE Healthcare

In 1999 I joined GE Healthcare working in a mixed direct/indirect environment where I focused on indirect sales in the last decade - and was appointed as regional Indirect Sales Manager Diagnostic Imaging. I was actively looking for opportunities to share my experience helping others overcome their obstacles in indirect sales. I am honoured to have been invited to HVL, an excellent imitative supporting new ideas and solutions to advance healthcare.


Nancy Levy, Managing Partner ; Biohealth Management LLC

It is a pleasure to participate as a mentor and a speaker at the Reactor MedTech accelerator. The programme offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from all of the workshops and to grow their businesses with the support of and expertise from a diverse group of expert mentors. Because of the high level of support, the programme attracts excellent entrepreneurs who are driven and committed to success. This is clearly evident in my message on US Market Entry strategies, where the entrepreneurs not only learn from me but from each through their thoughtful questions and engagement. It is very rewarding as a mentor to work with these types of entrepreneurs, help them think through their challenges, and watch them grow.


William Benkő, Owner

Rózsakert Medical Center, Private Clinic

I'm thrilled, that companies, like GE have found the right partners to team up with to present an opportunity to young entrepreneurs who are intereted to make an impact at some point in their careers.


Renato Del Grosso, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Cube Labs

I am an experienced executive in the biopharma/MedTech industry heading up the market access function in Italy (national/regional). Currently serve as Co-Founder of holdings in life sciences (Cube-Labs) which accelerates and seed invests into R&D projects from Academia. I am a mentor at several accelerators across countries (Italy, Switzerland, UK, US, Poland, China) having legal background coupled with Executive Masters in Finance and Health Technology Assessment.


Istvan A. Molnar, Founder / Investment Adviser to tech startups

I am excited how many bright individuals and great startups respond to the call of GE to improve expert their healthcare knowledge and international traction.


Tamás Haidegger, CEO


Realizing are ideas is not easy. We need vision, resources, a lot of endurance  and a great pot of luck. Nevertheless, these programs can help tremendously to reduce the unknown factors and lead us to creation.


Janos Gyarmati, Regional Marketing Manager, CE

GE Healthcare

As the commercialisation of Healthcare products is a highly difficult and risky process, I am excited to support early stage companies within Health Venture Lab.


György Erőss, Senior Project Director

GE Healthcare

Disruptive innovation can often be found in young and ambitious teams. Supporting teams at HVL makes a drastic impact on technology transfer and therefore on society at large.


Tamas Bernath, CEO


Experienced executive with a background in consulting (McKinsey, Scale, PwC) and finance (OTP, Erste, BNP Paribas). Recently Chairman & CEO of MFB Hungarian Development Bank, founder of Hiventures where I sat on the Growth Investment Committee. Throughout my career, I have built and sold two companies as well so I hope to be of help to entrepreneurs.


Eszter Tanczos, Partner


I have founded and led innovative businesses as CEO in the field of regenerative medicine, MedTech, and biotechnology. Leading the development, industrialisation and international launches of various innovative products in different medical disciplines; such as dermatology, dental surgery and orthopaedics. I believe that disruptive technologies will fundamentally shape health care making it accessible and affordable for broad populations. Additionally, I am involved with young entrepreneur coaching and advising innovative companies in their business and funding strategies.


Žan Menart, CEO and Founder

Smart Optometry

I am the CEO of the digital health company Smart Optometry, developing digital solutions for eye care. Under my leadership, the company grew to a multi-million EUR valuation, attracted 3 rounds of VC investments and released several products for eye diagnostics, monitoring and therapeutics. I've worked with public and private partners on projects in the digital health field.


Tamas Babel, MD Ph.D.

Over the past 5 years, engaged in product development, investment valuation, health technology assessment consulting projects for private equities/investors, venture capitals applying advanced analytics on various biotech issues. Prior to that, worked in management roles with increasing responsibilities in the healthcare, pharma industries [@AstraZeneca] and management consulting sector [@BCG].


Gábor Dehelán, Owner

DGM Solution

I'm a business growth & Innovation management expert with 25+ years of CE/EMEA corporate (Bosch, ALD Automotive, Sodexho, Vatera) and entrepreneurial experience (co-founder of, co-organizer lecturer at 35+ hackathon /Ideathon, advisor to the Start it @K&H incubator). I'm devoted to share my experience and contribute to the success of the next generation of entrepreneurs and corporates who wish to have an impact within their activities. How may I be at your service?


Benedek Lőrincz,

My name is Benedek Lőrincz, graduated as a lawyer, both domestically and internationally, and I also hold an Executive MBA diploma from Purdue and the TIAS-Nimbas. I have been working in the investment industry for more than 25 years now. I helped ideas to be launched and marketed and also companies to grow and attract venture capital / private equity finance. Served on the boards of several companies, across a wide range of industries.


Akos Tallos, CEO


After exiting our own MedTech company I have been both advising and working on the investor side of MedTech start-ups in the past 6 years. As a non-scientist, I worked in the biotech-medtech area for more than 15 years gathering mostly experience in start-up creation, product-market fit marketing and product validation. Having been a funder myself I understand the team side while working as and for investors helped me to look at projects from a different angle. I am probably strongest at understanding the fit of a technology solution to a market need and weakest at being able to sell a given product to the customer.


Stefan Iarca, CEO


Software engineer turned CEO of XVision - a Romanian startup using AI to assist radiologists in analysing medical images.


Miha Rajh, CEO


Working in the field of biotechnology and bioprocessing. Currently running a startup Pharsol Ltd. Expertise in biz dev, marketing, manufacturing, pitching.


Dr. János Vecsenyi, Professor Emeritus

University of Budapest & Technical University of Budapest

My primary motivation as a mentor is to support startups in succeeding in their business. What enables me to mentor them is that: I have published four books in entrepreneurship, I have been teaching, mentoring, coaching for 30 years and have even practised entrepreneurship and I have mentored startups from all around Europe.

As a mentor, I ask the right questions, challenge teams' thinking and give them the necessary encouragement to overcome their hurdles.