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Questions frequently asked

Why should I join one of HVLab's accelerator programs?

Health Venture Lab is an international network of healthcare innovation stakeholders backed by EIT Health. Our goal is to nurture teams and businesses to help them succeed in bringing healthcare innovation to market.

Together with our industry and academic partners, we are dedicated to building a health ecosystem where talent and innovation thrives. In such an environment, larger organizations are able to connect with potential partners that can bring ideas to market with lower risk and healthcare institutions can explore paths to bring research to market.

All coaches delegated by our partners are trained to provide helpful, industry-specific knowledge on market commercialization and product development without endangering IP or asking for equity to join.

How much funding do startups receive?

HVL provides travel reimbursement for up to two teammates, calculated according to the distance traveled.

Where are HVL's accelerators based and held?

Health Venture Lab is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. The majority of sprints for each program are held here, with occasional sprints held at partner institutions in Zagreb, Croatia and Barcelona, Spain. Check out the individual program details to see what topics will be covered in locations out side of Budapest.

Do I have to relocate to Budapest?

No, you don't have to relocate.

Reactor program participants are required to participate in person in at least 4 sprints throughout the program, where participation in Launchday activities and Demo Day is obligatory. Coordination of virtual mentor meetings is covered by the HVL team.

Booster program participants are required to participate in at least 3 sprints throughout the program, where participation in Launchday activities and Demo Day is obligatory. Coordination of virtual mentor meetings is covered by the HVL team.

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

Contact us here with any additional questions and a teammate will reply to you within 24 hours!

Do any teammates need to stay in the region when the program ends?

No, you are not required to relocate to Budapest for longer periods of time either before, during or after the accelerator program.

How do you manage the data submitted in the application form?

Company and team data submitted during the application process is saved in our system for up to 5 years. The responses that you send in the application form are organized in Airtable, and shared with journalists, trainers, mentors, speakers and GE employees in order to provide more personalized trainings and PR references.

What are the obligations of startup teams participating in an HVL program?

Startups are required to dedicate themselves to completing the metrics they determine during launch week and participate in the requisite number of events. Each team needs to submit a list of team members that will take place in each sprint, taking care to make sure that the person's role is in alignment with the content of the sprint. Teams are required to keep the deadlines provided in the member portal in order to qualify for reimbursement.

Depending on which program, additional terms apply, such as first right of refusal with a partnering VC.

Which metrics must be met during the course of the project?

Teams selected to participate in the accelerator after launch week will have a pilot session with a trainer to define sprint metrics.

Who owns the IP in projects supported by HVL?

Your business retains 100% ownership of any IP created before, during or after you participate in one of our programs.

Which country’s legal framework governs the contracts?


What topics are covered in HVL's programs?

Review the outline of sprints for individual accelerators on our programs page.