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Is there any danger of Healt Venture Lab partners 'stealing' my idea?

Health VentureLab is in close collaboration with its academic and business partners, backed strongly by the EU regulatory environment through EIT Health. It’s main purpose is to nurture young teams and businesses so that they succeed in bringing innovative healthcare products to market.

Why is it good?

Industrial partners look for talented businesses they can work with in the long run. This cooperation could support strengthening their own products, speeding up developments, help expanding their customer base, while outsourcing risky uncertain innovations.
Academic partners benefit from a clearer path for bringing their research to market. All partners are interested in building a sustainable startup ecosystem, where talent remains and innovation thrives. All partners are interested in building an ecosystem, where talent remain and innovation thrives.

This could only work because:

Partners are dedicated in nurturing, but not suffocating startups. This means that coaches delegated by the partners are equipped with the right knowledge to not walk into dangerous IP territory; not asking for equity for joining the program and Partners see the benefit of early stage companies operating by themselves, supported by established players, rather than small companies who are in practice subsidiaries of a large company.
Partners see Startups as potential partnerships, who can bring ideas to market that just wouldn’t fit into their own business modell. Most often established companies know about the technological opportunities but don’t or can’t take the business risk of realizing it.

Who we are?

EIT Health VentureLab Budapest is an acceleration program to develop individual and team business competencies, while at the same time allowing participants to explore and develop their ambitious health-related business ideas. This is a four-month programme of weekly training and coaching. It Health Venture Lab helps the teams expand the potential of their business and get ready for funding in Budapest, at the heart of a rapidly growing startup ecosystem in Central Europe. The project key executer is GE Healthcare, a leading force in the Healthcare sector.