High School Partner Programme

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Entrepreneurship is a mindset that can be understood and practiced from a young age and applied across a range of careers. Our High School partner programme aims to instill entrepreneurial skills in students so that they can experience first-hand the challenges and excitement of venture building in a supportive setting.


Health Venture Lab was an unbelievable opportunity for us to be a part of. It was an absolute honour to have the opportunity to pitch at the Demoday on Monday, and I would like to thank all organizers and coaches that made this event possible. A truly unforgettable experience!

Otto Hutter

Tamási Áron High School Graduating Class Member

We see our school primarily as an institution that conveys culture with the help of educational work that takes place here. For us, culture means knowledge, emotional literacy, social sensitivity and solidarity, behavioral culture, and the balance of human, real, and IT knowledge.

Eötvös József Gimnázium

The Török Ignác Gimnázium of Gödöllő town is a modern high school and strives to accelerate at being progressive even more. It is modern not only based on the level of novelty of the buildings, types of equipment, and tools; but also because of the quantity and variety of textbooks, literature materials, and knowledge base, and not just from the richness and variety of applications of methodical education and training procedures.

Török Ignác Gimnázium