Healthcare Entrepreneurship NanoMasters

Healthcare Entrepreneurship NanoMasters

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Join the Healthcare Entrepreneurship NanoMasters to turn your million euro idea into a working business!

It is hard to believe, but in the mid-2000s, few people predicted the Healthcare sector would be developing so rapidly as it is nowadays. Current realities show that the number of people choosing the healthcare sector to work in is continuously growing. 

The appeal to start a business in Healthcare is rising, and it opens excellent prospects for earning excessive income in the future. However, one should not forget about the high competition in the Healthcare market.

The first and most crucial mistake that new entrepreneurs make is: inspired by their groundbreaking idea, they believe that it is the most crucial thing they have to focus on. However, despite having a revolutionary innovation that addresses a specific target audience's critical pain points, it is still not enough for building a thriving business. It is imperative to do business expertise.

One of the main questions people ask themselves is: "Is it worth entering the market without special education?". The answer is simple and unambiguous - NO! Because the key to success is thorough preparation and education to give one all relevant knowledge and tools to supercharge any new business!

Health Venture Lab, in collaboration with its partners, is creating a new online Healthcare Entrepreneurship course targeting graduates, PhDs and researchers who are interested in building a business out of their innovation.

Through 3 intensive modules, you will master the know-how on how to create a team, validate your ideas, raise funds and make the leap from technology research to technology commercialization.

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