HVL Partners with Navispace and Welcomes Olivia Blanchard as an Innovation World Cup Ambassador

HVL Partners with Navispace and Welcomes Olivia Blanchard as an Innovation World Cup Ambassador

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Unleash Your Innovation on the Global Stage: Health Venture Lab's Game-Changing Partnership with Navispace and the Arrival of Innovation World Cup Ambassador, Olivia Blanchard!

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new chapter in the journey of Health Venture Lab, as we forge a powerful partnership with Navispace and welcome Olivia Blanchard, Managing Director, as an Innovation World Cup Ambassador!


Quid of the Innovation World Cup?

With over 16 years of successful competitions, the Innovation World Cup® Series is the most established open innovation platform worldwide. They discover emerging applications, solutions, and investment opportunities in new industries with massive growth potential. The Innovation World Cup®, the world’s leading competition for IoT, Wearables and DeepTech start-ups & scale-ups, is welcoming international techpreneurs to make their innovations visible to the world and create valuable business connections. The 16th Healthcare Innovation World Cup® is looking for the next generation of smart health devices, medical wearables, digital biomarkers, electroceuticals, intelligent patches, and more.


Meet Olivia: A Trailblazer in Innovation

Olivia Blanchard, Managing Director of Health Venture Lab, is not just a leader in the field but a true aficionado of innovation. Her passion lies in incubating healthcare startups and imparting cutting-edge knowledge to healthcare professionals. Under her visionary leadership, Health Venture Lab has become a beacon for the next generation of innovators, fostering a culture of creativity and forward-thinking.

As a testament to her dedication, Olivia has been appointed as an Innovation World Cup Ambassador, a role that she embraces with zeal. Ambassadors like her are the dynamic catalysts that propel the Innovation World Cup Series forward. They are not just advocates for innovation but also champions who set and uphold the highest standards in the techpreneurial world. Ambassadors are the sounding board of the Innovation World Cup® Series program.


A Global Advocate for Innovation

In her role as the Innovation World Cup Ambassador, Olivia actively nominates up to 10 outstanding candidates each year for the semi-finals. This is not merely a role; it's a commitment to shine a spotlight on the brightest innovators around the globe. If you have a groundbreaking innovation, she could be the bridge that propels you into the global limelight.


Seize the Opportunity – Let us Propel Your Innovation to the Limelight!

Now is the time to seize the opportunity and connect with Olivia Blanchard to showcase your innovation on the global stage. Whether you are a seasoned techpreneur or a budding innovator, this is your chance to be recognized and celebrated. Reach out to Olivia and let your innovation become a beacon that inspires others in the healthcare and tech industries.

Let's come together and cheer for the essence of innovation! 


Join the Conversation: #Techpreneur #Innovation #IWCAmbassador

Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories as Health Venture Lab, Navispace, and Olivia Blanchard join forces to champion innovation globally. Seize this golden opportunity, connect with Olivia, and let your innovation be celebrated on a worldwide scale. Follow the conversation online using our hashtags: #Techpreneur #Innovation #IWCAmbassador.

At Health Venture Lab, we believe in the transformative power of innovation. Together with Navispace, we are excited to embark on a journey that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare and technology. Join us in celebrating the spirit of innovation!