2-day WEBINAR | Researching Impact: Needs-based Healthcare Innovation
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2-day WEBINAR | Researching Impact: Needs-based Healthcare Innovation

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Exclusive online workshop for researchers and RIS ecosystem builders on Catalyst Europe’s healthcare needs identification and opportunity development framework

The Catalyst approach combines an immersive research framework, program, and ecosystem. We provide clinicians, researchers, designers and businesspeople with the convergent skill sets needed to succeed in a needs-driven healthtech or biomedical research project.

Join us for a two-day training hosted by Health Venture Lab, University of Debrecen, and GE Healthcare and discover a groundbreaking approach to elevating health innovation research, please REGISTER HERE.

About the Catalyst methodology

The Catalyst methodology was developed by MIT LinQ. It is founded on the principles of needs identification and opportunity development, and embedded in an organizational model that fosters a vibrant, multi-stakeholder community. The Catalyst Europe team has adapted this framework to fit the resources and specificities of the RIS region.

Catalyst Europe Fellows learn and apply the essential skills needed to develop, assess, and create a market relevant idea, and to execute successful entrepreneurial projects. The program increases the potential impact of medtech or biomedical research and improves the likelihood that new solutions will successfully address unmet healthcare needs.

“If you have good technical skills, in Catalyst you will learn everything else you need to succeed in any biomedical project or start-up, such as idea creation, networking, and giving an effective pitch. Catalyst will give you the right environment to boost your career. It did that for me.”- Joaquin López Herraiz, 2011 Fellow, Associate Professor, Nuclear Physics Group and IPARCOS, Complutense University of Madrid

Day 1 - Revolutionizing healthcare research: introducing the Catalyst approach
• Tuesday, December 8th,2020

This half-day session will introduce the Catalyst methodology. You’ll get an understanding of key concepts, collaboration opportunities and RIS regional entry points into Catalyst’s transatlantic healthcare research ecosystem. Join Hub leaders from Catalyst Europe and MIT LinQ alumni in a series of panels and live Q&As exploring the evolution of healthcare innovation.

Day 2 - Hands-on training: exploring and developing needs

• Wednesday, December 9th,2020

During this interactive, 4-hour workshop, participants will get insight into the Catalyst approach through hands-on exercises. Catalyst Europe and MIT LinQ Faculty will explain how Fellows discover and define proven ‘Needs’ relevant to the current health challenges in a given region, and guide participants through the process of formulating and assessing a potential Need.

Seats for Day 2’s hands-on training are limited to 24 participants. Please indicate which days you would like to participate in the registration form here.