Reactor 2019 Timeline

From customer awareness to go-to-market strategy

Ready, set, sprint


Team Cohesion for Growth

– Goal settings for 6 month
– Defining Roles and Responsibilities
– Find missing team members and how to hire effectively
– Project Management tools


Customer Discovery

– Customer Profiling
– Segmentation
– Customer journey map
– User Experience
– Framework for continuous validation


Customer Awareness

– Growth Hacking
– Marketing for HC professionals
– Embedding organic growth
– Finding / building / testing the right channels


Customer-centric Finance

– Unit Economics

– Quantitative Value proposition

– Testing of pricing structures
– Project Management tools


Customer Engagement

– Scale up, next steps for growth
– Customer care service
– Financing operation and growth



– Creating strategy for the month after HVL
– Preparing for pitching
– Pitching in front of inverstors and Healthcare professionals

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