About Reactor 2019

April 03 - October 18

Application closed on March 31st, 2019

Reactor 2019

For startups focused on finding product-market fit. Accelerate early adoption with expert guidance on customer awareness, the customer journey, industry compliance and go-to-market strategy.

  • Traction-oriented development
    We optimize startups for a traction path. This means we define your progress in relation to how much you are able to engage with customers.
    Through the sprints, expert interactions and personalized coaching we strive to help you achieve the six-month goal we help you set thereby getting you on the right track. 
  • Deep Industry Knowledge
    Through interacting with our experts, you will gain insight into a multitude of Healthcare specific business practices and technological solutions. Tap into the expertise of our industrial and academic partners, that is hard to come-by when building a startup.
  • An International Network
    More than 2/3 of the companies at Health Venture Lab come outside of Budapest. This international community helps you grow outside of your own borders and find valuable support in foreign markets. Our experience dictates that some of the most crucial knowledge is attained through interactions with other founders who are going through similar struggles.

Program Journey

Online Application

During this period you can apply by filling out our online form. During this period you can also drop us a line and inquire about the details of the program.

28th of January 2019 - 28th of February 2019

One-on-one Interviews

We invite a shortlisted set of startups for a personal, online interview to discuss their motivation in joining the program and to understand the team dynamic. This is also a great opportunity for applicants to ask specific questions about the program.

24th of March 2019 - 31st of March 2019

Decision made and Contracting

After the second round our expert panel shortlist the winning teams. Both the form application and the one-on-one interviews count towards your results. Once we sent out the invitation email we start contracting with you, to make the Launch of the program smoother.

7th of April 2019 - 24th of April 2019


Our partners

Meet our partners

Our powerful network of healthcare industry leaders, universities, organizations and alumni are our strength.

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Our mentors

Meet our mentors

Expert led trainings are matched with tailored coaching. Develop your product concept with actionable, healthcare specific guidance from seasoned industry players.

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Health Venture Lab team

Meet the HVL Team

A team of professional pitchers, vendors and leaders. Your new best friends for your very next adventure.

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