Reactor 2021 Timeline

From customer awareness to go-to-market strategy

Ready, set, sprint


Building a Healthcare Innovation Team

  • Perfecting your company's introduction with professional pitch training
  • Understanding team roles and responsibilities
  • Defining a 4-month strategy
  • Matchmaking engineering and commercial sponsors
  • Meeting investors from Capital Community
  • Exploring the stakeholder landscape in the Healthcare sector


Communicating and Selling to Clients

  • Intensive training in business methodology
  • Setting up for clinical trials
  • Managing healthcare data
  • Understanding regulatory approvals
  • Learning how to run a pilot project in a hospital setting
  • Introduction to the Edison platform


Financing and Fundraising

  • Best practices of healthcare DevOps
  • Building a distribution network
  • Managing healthcare data
  • Strategizing compliance
  • Healthcare marketing best practices
  • Analysing emerging markets


Demo Day & Investor Meetings

  • Healthcare adoption in Europe vs the US
  • Protecting your IP
  • Working with healthcare institutions
  • Funding a research-intensive venture
  • Pitch competition

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